Balancing Work and Fitness

One of the biggest problems this generation of youngster faces is the lack of time management. So much time is wasted on social media and other unproductive activities. Coupled with job timings they struggle to mind time to work on their fitness and neglect their growing weight until it’s too late. However, we must realize that if we spend even half an hour on fitness right from the start, not only does our productivity increase but also, we don’t have to over-exert to try and lose too much weight in a short span of time. Further working out instead of scrolling through Instagram in our “break” can also refresh our mind and give adequate rest to our eyes and fingers.
Have a plan but be flexible- At the start of most days, you will have a rough idea of when you will have free time of about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Schedule your workout accordingly the previous night or as soon as you get up. At the same time the schedule doesn’t have to be rigid and if you feel during the course of the day that such a slot may not possible for you, then plan another slot. But this doesn’t mean you keep putting it off. The workout schedule should only be shifted in absolute emergencies and not because you are feeling lazy.
Be creative – Since most of us probably have desk jobs we tend to sit around for a good part of our day which results in laziness creeping in along with eye and back problems. We should make it a rule to be followed that religiously that we will take a 5 min break for every (a: 55 to b: 00). In this break drink a glass of water, stretch yourself and walk around the office. This might make you work for an extra half an hour or 45 mins but it will you healthy and may also enable you to work better.
Find a place and motivation- The closer you are to the place you work out in the more you will tend to go it. Close gyms are an automatic motivation as they call out to you. Setting small goals and seeing oneself achieve also goes a long in self-motivation. Try to push for a gym right where you work itself but if it’s not possible then find a gym that is close to your home, workplace or both. Also, join a gym with a fitness trainer as he/she will keep you on track and give you extra motivation as well.
Have a fall back plan- While working out regularity is key. If one of the days an emergency meeting pops up or a dinner plan comes up keep a backup plan ready. Keep your gym bag handy (maybe in the trunk of your car) and run off and get in a 15 minutes workout if half an hour or your usual duration is not possible. Optimize your time and squeeze in a quick workout. Further on those days walk around the office and try and get some office workouts to make up for the lost time.
No doubt it’s difficult to find time and motivation to go and work out in this pressure-laden competitive work environment. But small changes to your lifestyle can go a long way in helping you feel better and that’s what makes working out such a worthwhile activity. Initially, you will have to force yourself to go to the gym but it’s only a matter of time before it would become a habit. Further, this habit is irresistible and if you strike the right balance, I can assure you that you will feel amazing not only while working out but also while working and doing other activities.

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