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Our team takes care of everything required to bring your dream design to life. This includes sourcing the desired fabric, creating patterns, producing samples and prototypes, fabric dyeing or printing using techniques such as block printing, silk screen printing, or digital printing, as well as embroidery or smocking, bulk production, quality control, and packing. You won't need to speak to different people for different tasks or make the process complicated. You simply provide your design as input, and we deliver a neatly packed, ready-to-sell garment right to your doorstep. As your clothing manufacturer, we handle all aspects of manufacturing so that you can relax and focus on your core marketing activities.

Let's Explore the Possibilities to Work Together :)

We would love to converse how we can add value to your business with the best of our expertise in producing high-quality clothing at the most reasonable price!

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How it Works (7 Simple Steps)

Step 1

Submit a Query

Fill up the Contact Us form with all the relevant details. or
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Step 2

Getting in Touch

Our Team Personally get's in touch to explore the possibilities and scope of work.

Step 3

Costing Discussion

Once we receive your requirements, we gather necessary information and assess feasibility. We then provide you with a quotation along with the terms of business.

Step 4


If our quotation is acceptable to you, we proceed with sampling of your provided design(s).
Once the sample(s) are ready, we ship them to you for physical examination and approval.

Step 5

Production Begins

After all approval and agreement set, the production process starts.

Step 6

Regular Updates

Updates Regarding Production Stage will be provided on a regular basis from Start to Finish

Sep 7


When the production is done we deliver the order.


At our company, we believe that the quality of the materials used in an outfit is crucial to its overall success. That's why we prioritize sourcing the best materials at the most competitive prices. Whether you're looking for sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics or synthetic materials, we have an extensive network of trusted suppliers and mills that we've worked with for years.


We understand the importance of sampling and prototyping, which is why we have an in-house team dedicated to these tasks. Before we start production, we do all kinds of sampling and prototyping, seeking your approval to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. We firmly believe that better samples lead to better production.


Our skilled pattern masters bring your rough sketches to life using manual paper cutting techniques. No matter the complexity of the style, our team at AS Industires has the expertise to turn your concepts into reality using both digital and manual patterns, though we prefer to use manual methods for the best results.

Dyeing and Printing

When it comes to dyeing and printing fabrics, we can work with any color you desire, provided you specify the Pantone color code. Our team has the expertise to do all kinds of fabric printing, including digital, hand block printing, and screen printing.


Whether you prefer computerized or manual embroidery, our team at AS industries has the expertise to provide you with a wide range of embroidery options to meet your design requirements. We take pride in our super-specialty embroidery services and are committed to impressing you with the quality of our work.


At AS Industires, we use the latest generation of sewing machines to ensure that your garments are stitched quickly and efficiently. Whether you require a small or large production order, our facility is fully equipped to meet your needs.

Finishing And QC

Our commitment to quality is paramount. Every garment undergoes a rigorous finishing process that includes pressing, thread cutting, and initial checking. Any rejected garments may be distributed among those in need free of charge. We work under a "Quality First" policy, with our quality team overseeing the process from sourcing the fabric to the final packing of finished garments, ensuring that quality remains under control and consistent with your approval.


Finally, we pack each garment in a clear, preferably biodegradable bag before placing them in a carton. We have standard packaging but are happy to accommodate custom packaging instructions to suit your brand.

Frequently asked questions

We accept as low as 200 Pieces.
However the best can be advised once we study your design details. Considering the various aspect of a design, the minimum keeps increasing / decreasing.

Our prices are not fixed. We need to know your design detailing, specification (material name / base fabric at least) and total quantity (whatever small or big) which you want us to produce; accordingly we will work out the production prices.

Our current production capacity is 30,000 pcs per month.

We're equipped to manufacture almost all kinds of fabric.

We value the opportunity to meet with you, but we kindly ask that you schedule an appointment with us in advance. Our key personnel are often attending to the needs of our existing clients or busy with other pre-scheduled priorities. Therefore, we may not be able to accommodate walk-in or pop-up meetings.
To begin the process, please share a brief overview of your requirements. Once we have assessed whether your needs are a good fit and you are satisfied with our cost-effectiveness, we can arrange a productive meeting at our facility at a mutually agreed-upon time when our key personnel are available to attend to you.

AS Industries offers a comprehensive range of services as a private label clothing manufacturer, providing a complete cost estimate for the entire production process involved in creating the given design. This includes every single service and work that we anticipate would be required to produce the final garment.

However we can always connect and discuss more.

The cost of shipping is determined by the weight and destination of the package. If you can provide us with this information, we can estimate the shipping cost for you. However, please keep in mind that shipping costs may vary due to changes in fuel surcharge rates and applicable taxes. Additionally, the actual shipping cost can be affected by the estimated weight of the package. Therefore, we cannot provide you with an exact shipping cost well in advance of the shipment.

Fill up the Contact Us form with all the relevant details. or
Call: +91 9818393798
Whatsapp: +91 8851510581

Let's Explore the Possibilities to Work Together :)

We would love to converse how we can add value to your business with the best of our expertise in producing high-quality clothing at the most reasonable price!

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