Fitness for Beginners - How to Start Your Fitness Journey

A lot of people don’t realize the need and importance of regular exercise. Besides the obvious benefit of keeping you fit and in shape it has various other important functions. For example, it can be a great mind freshener after a heavy day at work. It even allows us to take in the fresh air and keeps you disease-free. But the biggest hurdle most people face is even before they begin. In fact, their question is How to begin.
There are multiple points one must keep in mind before starting exercise so that one can sustain their routine over long periods of time.
1. Start slow- One doesn’t have to go and pick up a 100kg dumbbell on the first day of the gym. It doesn’t make you cool and in fact, increases your chances of injury manifold. Further, this high motivation lasts for a few days, and then gradually laziness sets in and one stops altogether. The correct way is to set goals and gradually work towards them. Setting weekly goals is what is recommended by most fitness trainers as they are short, give one a sense of achievement, and also can be revised at regular intervals.
2. Practical goals- While being ambitious is always a positive thing, over-ambition can be your downfall. It is important to stretch our body but it is recommended that it be reasonable. Bigger, over-ambitious goals are not sustainable over long periods of time as not only cause burnout but also result in injury scares and bodily pain. At the same time, regularity is very important and initially, that must be your focus instead of trying to look for gain which naturally takes time to set in. Then one should establish an optimum speed and an ideal amount of reps to do. Take and follow advice from your gym instructors and you will be fine and injury-free.
3. Focus on technique – Just lifting weights without any supervision or technique can not only be counterproductive but also very risky. The first step is identifying the correct weight as heavier ones can decrease your range of motion.
4. Don’t stress on weight- Most youngsters now a day’s focus only on weight and it becomes their sole goal. We don’t realize the specialty of calisthenics or the technique of using your own body to help your own body to lose weight. It is a new and improved form of strength training that consists of a variety of movements to mainly exercise the large muscle groups, such as standing, grasping, pushing, etc. Proven to be equivalent to weights albeit slightly slower it removes almost all the drawbacks associated with weight. One of the biggest problems is that one tends to bloat and loss muscles as soon they go off weights. If you know you can do weights for a long time only then go for it otherwise preferable to go for calisthenics.
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