Ultimate Guide To Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette is something that everyone from casual gym goer to fitness fiend should possess and try to implement. Having good etiquette is respectful to those around you and beneficial to your own workout. By following these seven etiquette practices in the gym, you can avoid being the annoyance to everybody else who is working around you.
  • Put Your Weights Back – This is the single most important etiquette which every one of us has to implement in our lives. Not putting them or leaving them lying around can not only increase the chances of injury to you but also others around you. Further it can be difficult to find for the next user making them waste time for no fault of theirs. Further if you see a weight lying around after someone else uses make a point to keep it back.
  • Don’t Text and Lift – We are all heavy texters and text for various reasons from work to parties. However gym is not a place to text and if you do so must stop doing it immediately. Tracking your progress on your phones is acceptable but texting should be off-limits. Treat your gym time as a break from your screen time and motivate yourself to work on your fitness which is exactly why you are there. Further taking selfies should be avoided or be discreet about it.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings - Watch out! This should be your mantra while you are in gym. Leave everything aside and be alert or you could potentially ruin someone’s workout. Lookout for what someone might be using and try to avoid lazing around in the middle of the gym. If something important does come up move to the side and wrap it up as soon as possible. Also avoid talking with other gym goers as it might effect a third person.
  • Always Ask - If it appears that someone is using a machine or weights that you need, ask them. This is important as not only is it rude but might also end up hurting someone by mistake. Don’t assume because asking never hurts and most times you will be afforded the same respect.
  • Clean Up After yourself- No one will clean up your sweaty mess after you and you must clean up after yourself. Always keep a towel under you while working out or using machines. Further wipes the weights if you have used them as the handles tend to get sweaty and it might slip when someone else uses it.
  • Personal Space – Respect the personal space of fellow users as in a sweaty environment like the gym is of paramount importance as it tends to get sweaty. Unless you are training with someone or spotting, there is no reason to be “up close and personal”. Whether the person is lifting or stretching, give them space. One needs to be as comfortable as possible while working out and standing so close definitely won’t help. Aside from being dangerous for both you and the other person, we all know it’s not the most comfortable feeling to try and blast out some biceps curls while there’s a guy less than a meter away attempting power cleans.

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