Benefits of Running and its Impact on One’s Mood

“The more you run the bigger you smile”
In today’s fast paced and hectic world it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a middle-class worker to catch a break. Here is where one of the best stress relievers i.e. running comes into picture. Running is an activity that is not only great exercise, it’s also one that can help improve your mental state.
There are multiple reasons why running/jogging can be beneficial both physically and psychologically.
  • First is the direct benefit of running that is also known as the “Runners high”. Running is an exercise that, like many others, releases endorphins into your system, and endorphins are a hormone that give us a natural feeling of euphoria. Using brain imaging researchers have even found out that a long-distance run increased opioid binding throughout several areas of the brain, which resulted in participants feeling a subjective sense of euphoria.
  • Further the endorphin rush you feel during a run can lead to that burst of well-being or just a general sense of happiness. There is some evidence that engaging in exercise such as running may help alleviate symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders.
  • One study has also found that exercise was moderately more effective than no therapy for reducing depressive symptoms
  • Other positive effects that reflect on your body are less tension, less depression, less fatigue, and less confusion are just a few of the changes that patients have seen after beginning a regular running program.
  • As with any area of your life, when you achieve that goal you will get a rush – a feeling of having got somewhere – and you’ll want to reach the next goal, and then the next. Once again, it’s not just about the running, it’s about gaining that confidence to move forward.
  • Further Jogging and running are aerobic cardiovascular exercises and such activities sends more nourishing blood to the brain, which can help you think more clearly.
  • It also releases your natural mood-elevating compounds. The challenges that running presents can also help you learn more about yourself, lessons that can carry over into other areas of your life.
  • Improved self-esteem due to running has been a highly debated point between researches. However recent researches conclusively show that running does in fact increase one’s self esteem and naturally high self-esteem means a happier mood.
  • It even provides a feeling of empowerment and freedom that comes with knowing that your legs and body are strong and capable thus again increasing one’s self esteem.
  • Running helps to clear the bloodstream of stress-related chemicals and mechanically relaxes our muscles.
  • Walking or running, tends to expose us to sunshine which helps to increase our vitamin D3 levels, which we need in order to feel good and avoid depression and anxiety.
  • Lastly it also tends to regulate sleep and improve sleep quality, which has a positive impact on depression and anxiety symptoms.
One important thing to remember while running is it should be preferred to run on soft surfaces like grass or beach.
One must also have proper attire so as to prevent dehydration and a good pair of shoes so as it to prevent leg injuries.
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